What My Clients Say

I’m honoured to share with you some of the feedback, comments and testimonials received from a wide selection of clients, who run businesses in a whole range of different industries.

I work with clients to bring their social media alive, both collaboratively, as part of 121 coaching, and group training programmes that I run.

“I’m so much more confident in running a FB or IG campaign. I now know all the options available & the different ways FB Ads can be used. I would recommend without a doubt. As FB & IG are so fast paced, I’ll be coming back for a refresher!”

Ruth Martin

Marketing Consultant, Martin & Jones Marketing, Nov 2019

“OMG, this is amazing! It’s really helpful to have identified what’s at the root of my rebellion”

121 Mentee

During a call during their 121 Massive Momentum package, March 2020

I’ve just started a piece of work this week with Qing Consulting Limited & we’re already seeing growth & traction. So it was great to see this spontaneous feedback drop into my comments. Thank you Ben Stockton FIMI

Ben Stockton

Automotive Aftermarket Technical Training, Our Virtual Academy.com, Feb 2020

If you need a business proposition turned round in 24hours Sarah Platt is excellent! Her Power Hour transformed a big piece of work into “Okay, I’ve got this”. I could have spent all day on it, and still not come up with the ideas or got the same results that she got for me.

She makes things easier for you by implementing at the time so doesn’t add to my never-ending to do list. I got the tender when I was very busy and I didn’t have the head space to work out where to start or wade through a long proposal with many details.

Sarah brought an outside perspective. She has a track record in proposals and grant applications, and is calm, thorough, and writes amazing copy, which sounds like me and meets the criteria of the business proposition.

Jenny Bracelin

Money Coach & Business Mentor, March 2020

I attended a social media marketing course with Sarah a few months ago and found it to be invaluable.

I would thoroughly recommend Sarah’s courses to anyone wanting to push their business through social media.

Rhian Gurney

Magpie Hill Soap & Balbo Beard Co

I’ve taken Sarah Platt on for one side of my business since the start of this month and the sales are really coming in thick and fast!

…. I guess consistent marketing … is the biggest change that could be contributing to more sales 🙂

(and more money spent per sale!)

Natasha Bray

RTT Coach, Guilt Free Health

I’ve just finished Sarah’s Sort your Social Media Forever course –
Thanks for a fab course.

I feel really confident in my social media now. Love creating CANVA content, I’ve linked up my Facebook pages to Mailchimp, launched a membership site, got a lead page sorted – Plus generally now feel really confident with the techy side of my business!   I loved the “how to” videos. I shall be using my social media game plan and my ideal customer profiling every week.
The weekly training and Q&A were really helpful and well presented. Excellent handouts and videos – all downloaded

Highly recommend. Thank you for your support throughout the course from sign up to graduation.


Second Chapter

Sometimes it helps to get another opinion from someone supportive yet objective.

Big thank you to Sarah Platt for a very inspiring Skype this morning – lots of ideas to take forward!

Fiona Ward


I’ve had a record week on sales this last week!!

Credit must go to my lovely Sarah Platt who has been an immense support, especially this month [whilst I’ve been called away] for her assistance with making sure my group weight loss programme still ran effectively.

Thanks to her I still managed to get a steady amount of sales coming in … Thank you Sarah, you are a star th

Natasha Bray

Guilt Free Health

I can’t believe how much I’ve got done this morning!” #focus #intensive

Visitor to Social Media Intensive Workshop

I’ve been working with Sarah on my social media for a year now and she has been fantastic! I thought I needed help with posts but really I needed someone to help me focus, bounce ideas around with and give accountability and expertise.

I had all this from Sarah in addition to marketing campaign posts which she wrote for me based on my brief, which I would not have given myself the time to do alone.

This consistency in my social media has given me peace of mind but also inspired me to write the more personal posts I felt I did not have time to do before.

Consistent marketing is so important and yet as busy business owners we sometimes have to put other things first. Sarah can help manage that and keep you moving forward. Contact her today!

Amanda Wynne Evans

Marketing Consultant, Wynne Marketing, Jan 2018

Today’s session helped clarify a lot of aspects of social media. Also, Sarah listened to exactly what I wanted from her, so that she could deliver exactly that.

10/10 – highly recommend!

Sarah is an excellent trainer, great delivery, great content, valuable, useful & knowledgeable.

Liz Pritchard

Business Consultant, Integrow Consulting, Oct 2019

I’ve been working with Sarah since January 2016.  Before then, my marketing strategy was – there wasn’t one!! I knew what I needed to be doing but I wasn’t consistent in doing what needed to be done.

All the social media stuff just wasn’t my forte – I wanted coach my clients, end of story.

It was great working with Sarah as I was able to articulate what I wanted to achieve and she would give me ideas on which way to do it.

We spend time creating content together that resonated with my business and we were off.

Sarah is good at keeping me on time with what I need to do and when.  Over the years we have adapted the strategy as my business grew and changed.

It’s a great collaboration as Sarah really listens to what you want and helps you get there.

Thanks Sarah, you’re a star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Mags O'Brien - Life Transformation Specialist Ltd

Spiritual Life Coach, Nov 2019

I have found Sarah both experienced and professional in her knowledge of Linkedin.

Since working with Sarah she has proved herself invaluable not only in saving me time but also in having a real understanding my business needs. She is proacative which also means she isn’t just someone who waits for instructions. She ensures I am satisfied with the content she schedules, as well as communicating if and when needed.

I can’t recommend Sarah highly enough. Thank you Sarah for having my back and being part of my team.

Wendy Capewell

Relationship Coach, Speaker & Author, June 2019

I’m about to go into my last week on Sarah’s Sort your Social Media course and I cannot recommend it more.

I thought I already quite knowledgeable when it came to social media…. how wrong I was. Every week has opened up new doors for my business and given me more options to expand and make a success of my business. Sarah put things in a simple yet non patronising way and the course being done using online meetings works perfectly for my busy lifestyle.

Sarah is always there to answer questions and lend support. She really has been a saving grace. Words do not do her justice. Thank you Sarah

Romella Jones

Create Family Calm

What can I say, Sarah is amazing and a complete godsend to my jewellery business.

I was finding it hard to juggle all the things that needed to be done on a day to day basis especially as my business was growing and I needed to spend more and more time in the workshop. I was quite nervous at first about handing part of my baby away (I am a bit of a control freak) but, something had to give.

The admin and marketing side (especially social media) was seriously suffering. I was creating all these beautiful products but I had no time to [market them].

This is where Sarah stepped in to help. After a few Skype chats where we got to know each other a bit and some serious research on her part regarding my business we decided on a package where she looks after my social media…

I am so impressed with her work this year, we will also be working together on putting together regular newsletters for my email subscribers …

Sarah has seriously sorted out my life and I love her for it :-). She is a lovely lady too, and it’s great to be able to work with another woman business owner, with children as we both get what each other is going through.

If you want your business to grow you are going to need a second pair of hands at some point and I would definitely recommend that Sarah be those hands.

Kate George

Little Silver Star

Sarah Platt is fab – I highly recommend her xx

Mags O'Brien

Life Transformation Specialist

Can’t believe how much we got done! I actually focused too apart from a few diversions! Thank you x
Romella Jones

Create Family Calm

Thank you so much for your ongoing support and engagement – it really helps!

I am being more proactive and feeling more positive. It all started with that Skype call we had a couple of months ago.

You are a fantastic lady, full of inspiration, thank you so much. Onwards and upwards xx

Fiona Ward


Just had Module 2 – it  was a really useful session. It addressed some of my major sticking points. Thanks!