Scary Things! [Tips For A Great Facebook Live]

Today I want to share with you some quick tips which will help you step outside your comfort zone & do something a little bit scary!

The thing that people say to me the most is about how they feel nervous about getting out there online. What if their friends see what they’re doing? What if people judge them for that? Or find out more about the business they’re running?

The most common context for this is when I’m discussing Facebook Live with clients. The first response is usually “Oh my goodness, I don’t feel brave enough for that!”

Help Is At Hand…..!

A little while back, I did a Facebook livestream series with some quick tips for before, during, and after doing a Live video, Continue reading “Scary Things! [Tips For A Great Facebook Live]”

Tips To Avoid Social Media Overwhelm!

We all know that we’ve got to do it. Get on social media, that is. The problem is – it can lead to huge overwhelm….and where do you start? If your business has zero social media presence at the moment, the idea of getting yourself out there can feel daunting. Who’s going to follow you? How are you going to find the time? Which platform is going to work for your business?

Let’s Break It Down… Continue reading “Tips To Avoid Social Media Overwhelm!”

How One Client Achieved 1,700% Return On Investment – Just Using Facebook & Instagram! [Case Study]

That’s quite an impressive figure, and on the face of it, it probably sounds like hard work – but actually, achieving that sort of result is possible once you know what you’re doing. And since then we’ve gone on to achieve over 3,000% returns in recent months! Social media really does give us the tools to grab attention and boost sales and it’s just up to us to make them work for our own businesses. Continue reading “How One Client Achieved 1,700% Return On Investment – Just Using Facebook & Instagram! [Case Study]”

Who Do You Think You’re Talking To?

Social media is a very good marketing tool – but if you’re going to make the most of it with your business, you need to remember the SOCIAL part, and think about who you’re actually talking to.

Part of any good social media strategy is working out who you are predominantly going to market to, and narrowing down your ideal customer so that you can focus all of your marketing efforts on that person. Getting this in place right at the start of your campaign will make everything else fall into place because once you know who you are ‘talking’ to, you can choose the right platforms, the correct media and even work out the most likely times they will be online to connect with you and see your messages.

How to define your ideal customer
Continue reading “Who Do You Think You’re Talking To?”

How To Build A Stunning Social Media Strategy

I don’t have to tell you that social media is one of the most powerful tools you have in your marketing kit right now. What’s more, it’s free to use – up to a point – and always evolving.

Defining a really strong social media strategy can give you the edge over your competition. It creates a personality and brand that can help you to connect with existing customers and attract potential new business. On the flip side, if you don’t have a plan, you could just end up wasting your precious time posting random memes all over the place and getting nowhere.

So, what does a plan need to include? Continue reading “How To Build A Stunning Social Media Strategy”

Can Social Media Transform Your Biz?

Here’s how an effective social media strategy can transform your business!

Why does your business need a social media strategy? Isn’t it just one more thing to add to your ever growing to-do list?

Well, yes and no. It’s really vital that if you’re going to use social media as a business tool, you have a strategy for doing so, and a way of measuring how well it’s working for you.

What is a social media strategy exactly? Continue reading “Can Social Media Transform Your Biz?”

Overwhelmed with Black Friday Offers?

Feeling overwhelmed with Black Friday? Just want to sail away into the sunset and make it all disappear?

Well here are some ideas for Christmas promotions that really work..

At this time of year everywhere seems to be having a sale, there’s competition on- and offline for customers and everyone’s chasing the Christmas pound. How can you maximise your Christmas profits without making it look as if you’re desperate, or spamming people to death with sales emails? Continue reading “Overwhelmed with Black Friday Offers?”

Getting Organised For Christmas

There’s always so much to organise at Christmas – your business social media can get consigned to the bottom of an endless to-do list and you might end up losing momentum at a time when you should really be out there getting more business. Continue reading “Getting Organised For Christmas”