Today I want to share with you some quick tips which will help you step outside your comfort zone & do something a little bit scary!

The thing that people say to me the most is about how they feel nervous about getting out there online. What if their friends see what they’re doing? What if people judge them for that? Or find out more about the business they’re running?

The most common context for this is when I’m discussing Facebook Live with clients. The first response is usually “Oh my goodness, I don’t feel brave enough for that!”

Help Is At Hand…..!

A little while back, I did a Facebook livestream series with some quick tips for before, during, and after doing a Live video, to help people overcome those nerves and feel confident that what they were putting out there into the world was ‘enough’ and felt good for them.

I want to share one video from that series today, so here are my top tips for things you can do during a broadcast, so that (whilst you may not feel entirely comfortable) at least you are happy with what you produce and you can get your message across in a clear, simple manner. You can view the video here.

I’d love to know what is holding YOU back from getting out there online, so feel free to drop me a comment below.

Sarah xox