Work with Sarah

There are three ways in which I work with my clients, dependent on their need. From teaching you how to handle social media yourself, to managing it on your behalf.

As each service is bespoke to the client, all prices listed below are starting-from prices.

Once I get to know you, your business and your level of need I can provide a more accurate price. You can get in touch via the buttons below.

Why Is Social Media So Important?

An online presence is the simplest way of marketing your business, and reaching the widest audience possible. Imagine a billboard that can be seen around the world, but far prettier to look at – especially when done right!

Social Media is free to get started on, and being consistent with your approach and branding will see you known faster than any other marketing platform. What’s more is it makes it easy for those who love you and your business to share with their friends, with very little effort on their part.

When done wrong though social media can have a devastating effect on your business, this is why it is important to know what you are doing, or hire someone who does.