Feeling overwhelmed with Black Friday? Just want to sail away into the sunset and make it all disappear?

Well here are some ideas for Christmas promotions that really work..

At this time of year everywhere seems to be having a sale, there’s competition on- and offline for customers and everyone’s chasing the Christmas pound. How can you maximise your Christmas profits without making it look as if you’re desperate, or spamming people to death with sales emails?

Here are a few ideas for Christmas promotions that actually work.

Invite the Early Birds

Why not start early, before everyone else can catch you up? Organise an Early Bird offer for customers who are on top of their Christmas shopping, with money off gifts bought in November. Or you could give special buy one get one free offers or discounts – but only on November Tuesdays. Something different will always catch people’s eyes and they will remember you.

Daily Deal

Choose one item to discount on every day of December, or the 12 days of Christmas. Make the discount worthwhile, available for one day only or only online. Create a buzz around what the next day’s offer might be.

Secret Santa Sales

Set up a sale that’s only available to specific groups of people, like your Twitter followers, your email list or a Facebook group. Limit it strictly to that one group for a designated amount of time, and don’t deviate from the rules. Make it exclusive.

Because you’re Worth It

Appeal to stressed out people with long Christmas gift lists with an offer of a gift card or discount on a little something for THEM when they order a gift for someone else. Make the gift card valid for three months after Christmas and promote it as a post-Christmas gift for the harassed gift-giver.

The Gift Guide Incentive

Be a little bit clever and write a blog about gifts that includes a completely unmissable deal on a few selected items. When you’re looking for blog ideas, do some research around what people are searching for; www.keywordtool.io is a great resource for finding out what questions people are actually typing into search engines. Base the title of your blog post on the top searches and include keywords in the content.

Sneak Preview Sales

Everyone wants to get in on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so why not get in early and offer your followers a sneak preview? Personally, I try to stay away from these days, but if you do want to do it, try to offer your Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals to a select list of clients (email list, Facebook fans) and make sure that you tell them they are getting all your best deals before the masses. Whip up some interest and get people feeling special.